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        • About us Dog Medallions

          About us Dog Medallions


          1.Vehicle-shaped key chains

          Keychains are designed (drawn) by designers and then sent to cut the laser.

          After cutting, each keychain is cleaned in a ultrasonic vacuum bath and carefully inspected for defects. The final process is high-tech electrochemical polishing with microprocessor-based process control equipment in real time. The resulting end result is rounded ridges (non-cutting) increase in the aesthetic appearance of the article almost mirror Surface. Packaging and dispatch of the customer.

          For the time of the first made key chains for 5 years we have no claim for broken or distorted. After the introduction of vacuum ultrasonic cleaning and electrochemical polishing we are sure we will satisfy even the most capricious client :).

          Regarding the design, we offer a standard order, adding a registration number or a short name, changing the rims with others after sending a picture.

          From 05.2017 all keychains have free polishing.

          We accept orders by pictures of the client. The picture must have a minimum size of 2 megapixels.

          The autocomplete catalog includes over 400 models in the form of cars, caravans, motorcycles, heavy equipment, machines, cranes and many more. "We do not have a shuttle just because they did not order us."


          2. Plates with inscribed names, egg, blood group and nationality made of stainless steel medical 1.5mm thick.

          Military data tiles

          The tiles have a height of 28 mm. Width 50 mm and thickness 1.5 mm after cutting are processed as with the key holders. We offer two types of writing cut through the metal and polishing on the metal at a depth of 0.1 mm which is indelible as opposed to "Chinese lasers that kind of etch the surface "

          We put two kinds of chains with balls and rings and several lengths on personal military tiles.


          3.Medalions for dogs product available for sale from 03.2017.

          Dog Pendant

          A circular pendant with a diameter of 40 mm with a ring opening outside the circle. Stainless steel, 1.5 mm thick. The breed is cut out on the outer cusps and the image itself and the paws are engraved at low laser power. The dog's name and phone number are cut into the metal. Worked in a cleaning bath are packed and sent to the customer.


          4.Colles made of medical stainless steel different design. On sale from 01.02.2018

          We think that with the manufacture of these products we can satisfy the demand for unique gifts.

          Clients are: private persons, auto fans, fan clubs, gambling agencies, companies and organizations, both in Bulgaria and abroad 40% of the production is for Exports.

          We calmly prove to the world that despite the difficulties in Bulgaria we produce something unique, unique and quality.

          We stand behind "Select the Bulgarian"


          TENON TRADE Ltd

          Mr. Atanassov

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